How to Get the Wedding Video of Your Dreams

Aurelia D’Amore Photography

Aurelia D’Amore Photography

Nothing beats reliving the magic of your wedding in a well-produced video. The day goes by so quickly, and as the protagonist on the stage, it's difficult for you to see and grasp all that happens around you. Even photos cannot capture an in-motion, 360-view of the day as it unfolds.

Throughout your marriage, it will be special to watch, time and again, those stolen moments of your groom's eyes welling up as he sees you walk down the aisle. A skillfully-made video will capture those loving tributes to your marriage, ensuring you can save and savor them forever.

What do you need to know, then, to make sure your wedding video matches your expectations? How do you determine the price you’re willing to pay? Here are a few tips and questions to consider.

This Modern Romance

This Modern Romance



Before discussing the bread-and-butter of your wedding video with a videographer, do some homework to figure out your wishes and asks.


To answer these questions, spend a few hours watching sample wedding videos online, sifting through different video storytelling forms. It's wise to take the time to watch full two or three videos you especially like. Pay attention to the rhythm of the action, and what software or special effects make these videos unique.

Clockwise From Top Left: Matt Haas Photography; Aurelia D'Amore Photography; Matt Haas Photography

Clockwise From Top Left: Matt Haas Photography; Aurelia D'Amore Photography; Matt Haas Photography


When it comes to budget, the variables are many. And let’s face it: if your budget is tight, a video might not even be among your top priorities. But here are two cost-saving ideas to get your started.

Aurelia D’Amore Photography / This Modern Romance

Aurelia D’Amore Photography / This Modern Romance

As for pricing, one camera capturing up to 10 hours of footage with simple editing can cost a minimum of $2,000 in urban areas. Typically, 10 hours of coverage will take you from the final touch-ups of hair and makeup until the final goodbyes of the evening.

If you want all the bells and whistles, the price can easily increase to $4,000 or more, depending on custom features. Below are a few examples of extra moments and features you can include in your shoot aside from the ceremony.


  • The couples getting-ready process, together or in different locations

  • The couple’s first look

  • Couple and group photos prior to the ceremony

  • Gathering and seating of guests

  • Processional and recessional of the wedding party

  • Cocktail hour, details of the reception area, food displays

  • Guest interviews

  • The whole dinner reception: grand entrance, welcome speech, honored attendee speeches, couple’s first dance, father-daughter and mother-son dances, religious or cultural customs

  • The dance party

  • Cake cutting, bouquet toss, garter toss

  • The couple’s exit from the reception

  • Coverage at two properties if needed

  • Two camera operators for up to 10 hours for multiple angles and focuses

  • If you have over 200 guests and you want to have them interviewed during dinner, expect the price to increase above the $4,000 mark

Top: Jenn Emerling;  Bottom: Matt Haas Photography

Top: Jenn Emerling; Bottom: Matt Haas Photography


Now that you’ve done your research and figured out your desires and expectations, sit down with the video company to establish an open and frank rapport.

Notice if the main shooter understands you both as a couple. Yes, the videographer might be a referral from a friend, but your priorities may be different from your friend's.

Finally, read the fine print carefully to avoid missing some last few details that may impact your budget:

Aurelia D’Amore Photography

Aurelia D’Amore Photography

One last tip: It’s important to set your priorities straight and communicate them clearly to your videographer. But don’t forget to leave some creative room for the professionals to capture the culmination of your love story!



Now sit back, and rest assured your video will be the very best it can be-the one you and your spouse will treasure for many years to come.